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100 meter
elevator test tower and factory in Vietnam

With increasing number of high-speed elevators in modern high rise buildings, safety and quality are top concerns. VGSI One Member LLC constantly seeks for new solutions through research and practical experiments of product features. One of our incredible solutions for safety and quality is the ZEIT Elevator testing tower. This tower, which reaches a height of 100 meters, is located in Dong Nai, Vietnam.

Designed specially for conducting tests on high speed and large capacity elevators. Zeit test tower is our site for all experiments which can not be executed by computers, including those on safety features, emergency landing and smooth operating mechanics.


GS E&C bring its passion for future development outside of Korea

Combining smart technology and green business innovations to drive the creation of new products, GS E&C prides itself on being a leading global company at the forefront of sustainable growth.

From its start in 1969, the company has continued to expand and innovate, seeing astounding success around the world.

Marking the presence of GS E&C Group in Vietnam, Zeit Elevator continues to research new business opportunities in our fields of expertise.