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Zeit Elevator has achieved various market safety ratings and only makes use of components which have been tested for safety at a height of 100 meters in our test tower.

All Zeit Elevators are checked and tested for quality at each stage from design to hand-over under ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 regulations.

Zeit Elevators are designed, controlled & managed under codes TCVN 6396/6395 (equivalent to EN 81).

Zeit Elevator employs state-of-the-art Korean technology for the safety, convenience, and reliability of our lifts.


Most elevators require 4-8 weeks to manufacture and deliver to site from the Zeit Elevator Factory in Vietnam.

For heights of 10 stories or less, Zeit Elevator can install an elevator within 2 to 3 weeks after on-site delivery.

Zeit Elevator is based in Vietnam and was established by Korean company GS E&C. Our products are manufactured in Vietnam.

Zeit Elevator enhances client satisfaction and safety by bringing designs with advanced Korean technology to the local market through Vietnamese manufacturing. Moreover, our strong maintenance service team in Vietnam guarantees the best longterm quality and service for our products.

Zeit Elevator offer a variety of elevator modesl in classic, luxury, and modern designs. We also offer customizable options for buttons and call panels.

Yes, Zeit Elevator door can be customized to open at the rear or on the sides.

Yes, our Fire resistant doors meet certification standards in both Vietnam and Korea.


Zeit Elevators should receive regular maintenance once a month and periodical long-term maintenance every quarter.

Zeit Elevator tries to deliver the best maintenance service with reasonable prices to meet client sasfaction, even after the warranty.