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Save Construction Space

Zeit Machine Room-Less (MRL) Elevator improve the layout of the elevator shaft by eliminating the need for a machine room. Installation of our MRL elevators does not require inscreasing the structural strength of the building. It saves the building space, and reduces costs thus contributing to Zeit Elevator’s goal of sustainable development.

Save Construction Cost

Zeit’s MRL Elevator is an ideal choice because it integrates the machine room with the elevator shaft to reduce both materials and construction costs to the greatest possible extent.


Prevents Accidents with Car Doors

  • Our elevator door control system. Provides high-efficiency performance with its variable frequency operation and remotely-adjustable doors. A light curtain protection system intelligently recognizes human movement in order to prevent passengers getting caught in or pushed by the closing doors.
  • Car door and landing door interlocking system sures doors are lacked before elevator starts running.

Preventing unintended movement

The system prevents unintended car movement to ensure worldwide highest elevator safety level, complying with the latest safety code ENN 81-20/50.

Preventing passengers from being trapped

Multiple mechanisms work together to keep passengers safe, including our advanced encoder technology, redundant speed monitoring, over speed governor, safety gear, and back up ARD (Automatic Rescue Device) system.


Our fully-integrated CAN-BUS design reduces use of copper wires by 90% compared to traditional designs, while LED lighting reduces energy use by 40%.

Additionally, a permanent magnetic motor and variable frequency driving mode help save energy by 30% compared to traditional technologies, and our use of help.
Highly efficient switching power supplies save a further 20%.

CPU Group Control

Zeit’s advanced group control function increases the traffic efficiency of an elevator group.

Standby Sleep Mode

This energy-saving function extends the life span of the electric components and significantly reduces the carbon footprint.

  • Zeit’s control system holds a highly-regarded TUV Korea safety certification.
  • Our fully implemented CAN-BUS technology is a highly sophisticated data transmission system also used in premium models of the Korea’s leading car manufacturers.
  • 32-bit micro CPU intelligent control is used for both the central controller and driving control, allowing for accurate and fully digital system control.
  • A direct landing approach and leveling accuracy of within ±5mm ensure a comfortable and safe elevator ride experience.

  • PM S motor technology is highly energy efficient, has low noise emission and ensures reliable performance during its extended lifetime.
  • Sealed bearing for maintenance free an oil pollution free operation.
  • The safe operation of the redundant and certified brake is always monitored brake sensors.

    Rope safety factor of minimum 12 times ensures highest safety standard.


  • Zeit Machine Room-Less Elevator
  • Low Rise, Mid Rise
  • 320 ~ 1600 kg
  • 1.0 ~ 2.5m/s
  • Zeit Machine-Room-Less Elevator
  • Low Rise, Mid Rise
  • 320 ~ 1600 kg
  • 1.0 ~ 2.5m/s