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Cases that can be reported

  • Accepting undue gifts, money and other valuables, bribe, or entertainments from stakeholders
  • Illegitimate possession of business partners' shares
  • Lack of transparency in selection of suppliers
  • Illegal or unjust use of corporate assets
  • Distortion of figures and false documents
  • Other violation of VGSI code of conduct

However, slander or use of vulgar language will not be investigated. Cases classified as complaints will be transferred to applicable departments for further action.

How to Report

  • Cases shall be reported in a complete manner satisfying the 5W1H principle (i.e. who, when, where, what, why, and how), accompanied by contact information.
  • Please note that it may take 7-10 days for the Vietnam New Business Planning Team to investigation and reply to an inquiry.
  • VGSI takes all precautions to ensure that investigations are conducted confidentially from a third party perspective.
  • Investigation results will be informed only if a phone number or email address is provided.

Protection of whistle blowers

  • In principle, protection of whistleblowers is guaranteed. However, provision of informant's name and supporting documents would be most preferable.
  • If unfair treatment or punishment on whistleblowers is acknowledged, remedial actions will be taken or equivalent compensation will be given.
  • In case the breach of conduct reported is relevant to the whistleblower, it will be treated legitimately with mitigating circumstances.
  • The number of investigators is limited.
  • No personal information will be disclosed without the whistleblowers' consent. Moreover, any employee who acknowledge and reveal the information intentionally or accidentally will be punished.

However, reports including vicious slander or invasion of personal privacy will be excluded from the whistleblower protection policy.